Residential Steel Roof Systems

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Dear Homeowner,

Sick and tired of the cost and hassle of replacing a 25 year shingle roof every 10 or 12 years?

Stone coated steel roof systems add beauty, value and protection. Imagine not having to replace your roof for at least, another 50 years.

Enjoy great peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen the best protection for your home and investment. Our custom residential steel roof systems:

  • Are designed to add to the beauty of your home and increase its resale value substantially
  • Choose from a selection of gorgeous, classic and complimentary colors
  • Their durability is unmatched in the industry. Stone coated metal roofing is extremely long lasting, saving you substantial amounts of money over the long term
  • Our stone coated steel roofs are non-combustible, providing additional safety from fire
  • Our energy efficient metal roofs help save you money on heating and cooling costs
  • Stone coated steel tile roofs have very low, almost no maintenance requirements
  • Stone coated metal roofing is resistant to decay, discoloration and mildew, staying beautiful and looking new for many years
  • Our high quality steel roofs are environmentally friendly and save thousands of pounds of shingle garbage from being heaped into landfills every year
  • Stone coated tile steel roofs have excellent qualities in resistance to wind, water, snow and ice shedding
  • Call the best steel roof contractors in the industry, with over 30 years experience installing steel roofs all over Southern Ontario, Peterborough and The Kawarthas
  • Our beautiful steel roof systems come with a 50 year transferable warranty, the best in the business

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