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Metstar Owner, Vince Guerra

“Steel Roofing today is not what it used to be, the new steel that’s out there doesn’t have that commercial look to it. It’s more of a residential looking profile that looks like tile or it can look like shake or it can look like slate.”

Time to Re-Roof?

Consider Steel Roofing which has improved immensely over the years. Steel Tile Roofing for residential and business installations has the appearance of tile, shake or slate and the endurance, safety and environmental quality inherent in steel products.

Steel tile metal roofing saves thousands of tons of shingle waste with a lifetime that supersedes shingles by decades. Some metal roofs are still on homes after 80 years, the reason why quality stone coated metal roofing systems come with a 50 year warranty.

“Steel tile roofing systems are lighter than asphalt shingles at only 1-1/2 pounds per square foot. Slate and clay tile, up to 12 pounds per square foot. You get something that is a lot lighter, can go right over top of the existing roof and it’s actually stronger than conventional roofing material.”

Metstar Owner Vince Guerra on Jon Eakes

Watch the short video below as Jon Eakes interviews Metstar owner, Vince Guerra and discusses the benefits of their new granular coated steel roofing tiles.

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