Sick and tired of replacing the shingles on your home every ten years or so?

Custom Metal Roof over Shingles

Here’s a ‘busted’ CBC investigation into the false marketing of asphalt singles that are wearing out much earlier than manufacturers are rating. Watch the video below where a shingled roof with a 25 year warranty is already breaking down and needing replacement after only 12 years. Some companies use deceptive marketing techniques, including telling you a shingle roof will last for 25 years up to 40 years. Some are even marketed as ‘lifetime’ roofs, when the reality is that many seriously need to be replaced after only 12 to 15 years. Some warranties decrease as the roof gets older and many don’t include labour costs to replace warn out asphalt shingles.

If you choose to have Gerard Canada Metal Roofing install a custom metal roofing system on your home, we’ll replace your present roof with the most environmentally friendly, extremely beautiful, custom metal roof on the market.

We proudly stand behind the 50 year transferable warranty that comes with our roofs because we know they are made to last. We install the most durable, longest lasting and best metal roof on the planet.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your real estate investment is protected for many years to come and that you will probably never have to go through the hassle and cost of replacing your roof again. Stone coated metal roofs provide superior protection for your home and all other real estate investments including barns and many types of commercial buildings. We’ve even installed custom metal roofing on sheds and upscale dog homes.

Why Stone Coated Steel Tiles?

Steel has been successfully used for roofing on commercial and institutional buildings for over 50 years. This long track record has shown steel roofing to be an attractive, versatile and durable product, with a lifespan two to three times longer than conventional roofing products. In addition, over the product life cycle, steel roofing is extremely cost effective.

For more information about the value of a metal roofing system click here: Consider Value Over Cost Of A Steel Roof.

Residential construction is just beginning to realize the numerous benefits of steel roofing. A steel roof will add a distinctive elegance to your home, will prevent thousands of pounds of roofing material from entering landfills, will increase the value of your real estate asset and will provide superior protection from rain, wind and fire.