Here are some of the environmental and ecological benefits of metal roof systems and stone coated steel tile roofing systems:

  • Since it is 100% recyclable, the steel used to make steel roofing tiles is an inherently environmentally friendly green roofing material. Recycled steel is used extensively in the production of new steel roofing materials. Therefore, not only does each steel roof contain a portion of recycled metal roofs, it can also be completely recycled at the end of its useful life. Steel roofs help keep hundreds of tons of used non-metal roofing material out of our landfills each year.
  • The durability of a metal roof almost eliminates the need for future raw materials for roofing projects. Most metal or stone coated steel tile roofs have between 25 and 95% recycled content.
  • Metal roof systems are included in provincial, county and natural resource lists as being a green building material with recycled content.
  • Some handmade metal roofs from the 1800s still exist today at over 160 years old. Metal roofs are considered among the most sustainable roofing products available.
  • Even though metal roofs can last for over 100 years, they are 100% recyclable should they ever be replaced or removed.
  • Their weight is about one third that of standard shingle roofs, putting less load weight on the building and providing protection against roof-cave during earth quake activity.
  • Metal roof systems are non combustible, providing fire protection not equaled by shingle roofs.
  • Metal roofing provides for energy efficiency in both winter and summer. Customers report lowered energy bills by up to 20% after installing metal roofing systems.

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